A Short History

Ladybird Care was set up by Steve Secrette. Steve is a business coach and venture capitalist, who applies a “coaching management” style to business he works with. This philosophy is based on a belief that staff who are properly trained and equipped have the solutions to work problems, not the managers who supervise them. Businesses following this belief tend to be flexible and innovative, offering high quality service and excellent financial results.

It was in this role that he had the opportunity to see the home care industry. It was characterised by reports of poor service, low staff retention levels, chaotic management and patchy financial results. Steve felt compelled to apply his business coaching philosophy to the sector, believing that there is an satisfied demand for consistent, high quality, personal care and support. So he set up Ladybird Care.

Ladybird Care was incorporated at the end of 2009. It achieved registration with the industry regulator in April 2010 and began to accept business from private clients. It also began to work with local authorities and the NHS in the region, accepting client referred by them. The company is working closely with clients and staff to develop a business model that will create a new industry – high quality home care tailor to the individual and changing needs of each and every client.

We provide support for people with a wide range
of conditions.

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