Our Client Promise

There are many ways to define quality of service. However there is only one measure that really counts - does the service do what is important to you and to the standard you expect? This promise sets out what Ladybird Care aim to do in the areas that are most important when it comes to choosing a home care provider, so that you can decide whether we provide a quality service, whether you are a new or existing client.

Personal Service
  • Listen to you and your family or support circle, striving to communicate should there be obstacles to that process
  • Be flexible and responsive, adapting our service to best meet your needs
  • Always work towards achieving objectives you have defined for your support
  • Always have an identified support team, constructed with your needs in mind and you are free to choose the carers you want working with you
  • Give carers advance briefings on your support plan before they work with you for the first time or where there has been a change in your care plan
  • Give you a choice over the dress code your carers will follow
  • Offer an emergency service to cover the absence of your usual carer if you are not a Ladybird Care client


Reliable Service

• Employ carers who are committed to sharing our strong vision of delivering the best care to every client every day
• Ensure that carers will arrive at a time that suits you and we will let you know if a carer is going to be late
• Have policies and procedures that go beyond statutory requirements, and make sure these are followed
• Monitor and promote staff health and wellbeing, to minimise the impact staff sickness may have on your support
• Work with other care providers to plan for the ongoing delivery of support in extreme circumstances.

Expert Service

• Train your carers in the skills needed to continue to support your changing needs
• Treat carers as respected professionals and encourage them to pursue a career path and continuously develop their professional skills
• Operate a leadership/ mentoring programme available to all staff
• Have an effective system to monitor and meet staff training needs
• Engage in partnerships within the community to better meet the needs of our clients

Safe Service

• Meet all the conditions necessary to maintain our registration with the Care Quality Commission and adhere to the Code of Practise of the UK Home Care Association
• Check all our staff with the Criminal Records Bureau and against the Independent Safeguarding Authority registers before they are allowed to enter a client’s home
• Provide a free 24 hour helpline to respond to your urgent needs
• Maintain high levels of insurance, including professional indemnity and public liability cover
• Train all care staff in first aid and how to ensure they work safely in a client’s home

Improving Service

• Monitor our charges against those of comparable providers to ensure we continue to provide good value for money
• Actively seek your feedback on our service and consider all suggestions for improvement
• Involve our clients in proposed changes to our service before they happen, so we get it right for you the first time
• Make it easy for you to complain and learn from our mistakes to make our service better for everyone
• To value learning as an organisation, reflect on our work and challenge our own performance with internal targets and audits
• Always operate a continuous improvement quality assurance system that is inspected and approved by independent authorities to the standard of ISO9001

We provide support for people with a wide range
of conditions.

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