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This is an application form for the position of Home Care Worker with Ladybird Community Care Ltd (“Ladybird Care”). The form has 6 steps, each of which must be completed in full. If you have any questions about the completion of the form or the application process, please call us on 0800 242 5080.

Convictions and 'Spent' Convictions of a Criminal Nature
You will appreciate that Ladybird Care, being responsible for the provision of services to many vulnerable groups in society – the young, the elderly, the physically and mentally impaired – must be particularly careful to enquire about the character and background of all applicants for appointments to posts involving work with these vulnerable groups. It is therefore essential that, in making your application, you disclose whether you have been convicted of a criminal offence and, if so, for what offence(s). Find out more

Equal opportunities monitoring
Ladybird Care is committed to the principle of opportunity, irrespective of age, colour, race, nationality, ethnic origin, religion, gender, sexuality, marital status, disability, and membership/none membership of a trade union or political affiliation. Find out more

Please provide your email address. We will then provide you with a link unique to you so you can save your progress whilst filling out your application form and come back to the form at any time.


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