Client LH

Was receiving 46.5 hours of support each week from another provider introduced by social services. However, that provider was unable to service a call at the end of the day. Ladybird Care agreed to take on that call and did so with less than 7 hours notice.

Within a few days of receiving support from us the client approached her social worker to see if it would be possible for Ladybird Care to take the whole care package. This was agreed, but the existing provider then withdrew service with only 24 hours notice. Ladybird Care smoothly took up the whole of the care package. In consultation with the client, we recruited one of the carers who had been providing support when employed by the previous provider because the client had a good personal relationship.

An objective of the client’s support plan is to achieve greater community involvement. Ladybird Care have utilise the clients experience and qualifications in social care and long experience as a service user. She is involved on our interview panel for new recruits and provides feedback to us on developments in our service. On a volunteer basis staff, care workers and the client are participating jointly in a local charity “fun run” event. All of this is resulting in a much greater sense of community involvement for the client.

We provide support for people with a wide range
of conditions.

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