Client TF

We took over the support on the care package from an existing provider. The social worker provided us with details of the care package at the end of the week and before going on holiday. Unfortunately, when we checked the details with the client and his family, they felt that a 3 hour call every weekend to provide respite for the client’s wife had not been included in the plan.

Unable to contact the social worker, the supervisor applied the Ladybird Care policy of the “£50 Rule”. The £50 Rule is designed to empower care workers (although in this case the decision was made by a supervisor) to solve client problems. Essentially, the rule says that if a client’s problem can be solved at a cost of less than £50, the care worker should go ahead and solve the problem immediately. The company will reimburse any expense incurred and look for a permanent solution afterwards, but time should not be wasted nor concern heightened for the client if a solution is available within this cost.

Applying the rule, the supervisor provided for the delivery of the weekend support, knowing that the cost may not be reimbursed by the local authority.

Early in the following week, the issue was resolved with confirmation of the full package from social services. At no point was the client concerned that support would not be provided because of the empowerment of our care staff to resolve problems themselves.

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