Councel and Care Survey Commissioned

Counsel and Care, the national charity working with older people to get the best care and support, today released the findings of a survey commissioned by them for ElderCare Week. It concludes that most people don't understand the care system and how it is funded, don't know where to get information when they need care and don't know what they are entitled to.

These conclusions are not surprising. The primary source of information is the local council, where the knowledge sits within the social services teams. This is a sector many people have never dealt with before they discover a need for care and support. Many local authorities in England have still not put in place basic measures to inform their local residents about care and support services.

A simple review of the websites of local authorities will highlight the gulf in information available from one to another. It will also highlight the lack of any consistency in terminology and language, organisation structure and approach.
Choice and control are at the core of this Government’s strategy for health and social care. Without proper information available to them, people cannot exercise proper choice and do not therefore have control over the services needed to support them.

The report found that just 5% of adults believe the social care system is easy to navigate and 79% think that not enough is done to tell people about the care options available. With a population that is aging fast the need for a system that is consistent, simple and widely publicised has never been greater.



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