Convalescent care provides a helping hand after hospitalisation. It can be set up before you go into hospital for a planned procedure or whilst you are in hospital following an emergency admission, with the initial assessment being done either before you go into hospital, or during your stay.

Your own home is possibly the most perfect place to recuperate after an operation or illness. We offer a range of care that helps recovery from illness, supports discharge from hospital as soon as possible and helps to regain independence and assist in a return to independent living.

Illness and surgery places a tremendous strain on the body. The quality of care received during the recovery process is extremely important. A good recovery can reduce the risk of complications and the chance of re-admittance.
Convalescence can apply to many situations, such as hip replacement surgery, cataract operations, hospital discharge after a fall or recovery from a debilitating illness. Although they are no longer ‘ill’, our clients need to build up their strength slowly. Their body needs time to recuperate through a combination of rest, appropriate exercise and a good diet. This can often be done in a clients’ own home when supported by specialist staff that can provide the assistance they need.

Typical support is for a period of 1 to 4 weeks, with the amount of time needed being adjusted regularly to match the changing needs of the client throughout the recovery process.