End of Life Care

"End of life care" quite literally means providing care and support to the end of a client’s life. In the case of home care, this is in the comfort and familiar surroundings of a client’s own home.

Many clients receiving long term support are concerned about whether that support can be provided for life. We believe people should be allowed the opportunity to die in their preferred place of care and have their voices heard in decisions about treatment and care. We therefore care for most clients right up to the last minute of their life, except in circumstances where the client is hospitalised for emergency treatment and dies in the hospital. Often this means working in partnership with other professionals such as specialist palliative nurses, community nurses and GPs. Staff work closely with family, friends and carers to give them personal support throughout the client’s illness.

When a long term condition or terminal illness is no longer responding to treatment, we understand that you may be looking for the most sensitive type of specialist care. We recognise that the nature of such care requires special skills and great understanding and sensitivity, not only for the client’s needs but also for family and friends. We recruit, train and assess specialist carers in communication skills, principles of palliative care, practical application of guidelines and skills and support techniques for grieving families.

We can provide a 24 hour service 7 days per week and will assure a continuity of care to you throughout the time that you need us.

The family receive support during their loved ones illness, and subsequently, during the bereavement process.