Personalisation of Care

The care industry is undergoing change as a result of numerous reports, studies, initiatives and legislation. Many of the key changes are around something called “personalisation”. In its pure form it means you should get the care you want, where you want it and in the way you want it to be delivered. On a practical level, different government or local authority funded health and social care are operating “personalisation” in different ways, so such a broad choice is not always available.

Ladybird Care believes in the principle of “your care your way” and we work with each of our clients to deliver the support they want in the place and manner of their choosing. In general, we encourage all our clients to establish specific goals (such as “increase my weight”, “go to church every week”, or “walk to the end of the street without help”) and then work out with us the best way to support the achievement of those goals. This is sometimes called “outcome focused” support.

With this outcome-based approach, we must offer our clients a flexible, personalised services, which gives real choice and control. The client is in charge or what we do, when we do it and how we do it. As a result, we are helping people achieve goals such as “manage my money better”, "have my hair and nails done” or “have some company when I go to hospital appointments". We are constantly adding to the range of support we can offer as we are asked to do new things in new ways. If you have a special request, let us know. We love trying to find new ways to help people achieve their goals.